Foundation for RapidWeaver

The most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world now available for RapidWeaver.


* Requires RapidWeaver 6+ and Stacks 3 Plugin

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Responsive design has never been easier or faster.

Not only will your site will be crazy fast, you will build it with ease and speed.

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Foundation by Zurb

Zurb has created the world's most advanced front-end framework called Foundation. The mobile first philosophy that Foundation brings faster websites to all your visitor's devices.

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Fast & Modern

Foundation for RapidWeaver uses the latest technologies to sky rocket your site into the modern era. Not to mention that it's built for speed! It's so fast that it leaves IE8 in the dust.

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RapidWeaver + Stacks

RapidWeaver is an amazing web design framework built for the Mac. The Stacks add-on provide a rich drag-and-drop interface that you will love more than anything you've used before!

Freedom that Rapidweaver users have always wanted.

Take the power of Foundation by its reins and make your vision a reality.

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Build your Theme

Foundation for RapidWeaver takes a completely different approach to building a website with RapidWeaver. The entire site theme is built and styled using Stacks. It's the ultimate in freedom.

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Everything You Need

The Foundation stacks are a turnkey solution to build everything that you will need for a professional and functional site. With over 60 stacks available, all of the basics are covered.

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Global Templates

Global templates are the best way to design your site with Stacks. When you change the settings in a global template, those changes will be propagated to all pages. A must have for navigation.

Design and build functional prototypes with zero code

No more wireframes. Build a live, working prototype for your web developers.

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Zero Lines of Code

Even if you are a code warrior, sometimes it is more enjoyable to simply build a prototype visually. Foundation for RapidWeaver sports fully customizable drag & drop elements for every Foundation component.

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Functional Prototypes

When you build your prototypes using Foundation for RapidWeaver, you will get a fully functional webpage that can be viewed on all devices. No more having to do different static mockups for for each device.

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Cost Effective

Rapid functional prototyping will not only be more enjoyable but you are going to be able to produce a completed site faster. Saving you both time and money.

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