New way to style your site

The Site Styles stack revolutionizes the way that we style our sites. Leveraging the awesome Stacks API, we can provide much richer abilities for site backgrounds, fonts, colors and more.

Site Styles

Preview while you edit

We rethought how you can rapidly preview your site without ever leaving Stacks Edit Mode. Its pretty cool, see for yourself.

Edit Mode Venti
Edit Mode Tall

Preview all grids

To assist you in using the grid system within the column stacks, you have the ability to preview the grid. This makes it easier to visualize your grid setup.

Site Styles

Build for device widths

In order to assist you in designing for mobile devices, you now have the ability to customize the width of the Stacks Edit UI. This will make designing mobile first a breeze.

Edit Sizing Desktop
Edit Sizing Mobile

Legacy Browser Detection

In order to make your website as fast and modern as possible, Foundation does not support IE8 and below. Internet Explorer 8 reached end-of-life with Windows XP on April 8, 2014. However, you can configure a central webpage that all legacy IE users will be redirected to when they visit your website.