The Theme

The Foundation theme for RapidWeaver is provided to the community free of charge. It leverages powerful technologies to make your sites better and faster: Foundation by Zurb, Font Awesome and Animate.css

* Requires RapidWeaver 6+ and Stacks 3 Plugin

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Attention RTL Users

If you require a right-to-left version of Foundation, you can download it here.

Focused on Stacks

The Foundation theme is really a skeleton theme that contains the frameworks reviewed below. It contains no page specific styles or even any settings at all inside the Styles pane in the Page Inspector. There are two ways to unlock the power of this theme.

The Foundation theme support auto-updating through the Waterfall for RapidWeaver.

Hand Code Foundation

Go Old School

With just this theme, you can add an HTML page to your RapidWeaver project and code your website by hand, the old school way! You can access all of the Foundation elements and default styles. You can also freely use the other technologies listed below.

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Foundation Stacks

The recommended way is to use the Foundation Stacks to build your website. They leverage the power of the Stacks Plugin in order to provide the best web building experience you have always wanted.

Amazing Technologies

Hand Code Foundation

Foundation by Zurb

Zurb has created the world's most advanced front-end framework called Foundation. The mobile first philosophy that Foundation brings faster websites to all your visitor's devices. The default styles provide a highly modern feel. Learning to code for Foundation is a blast!

Hand Code Foundation


Animate.css provides just-add-water css animations to whatever you want. Simply add a class to an element on your page and you have instant animations. It could not be easier.

Hand Code Foundation

Font Awesome

Font Awesome is an amazing way to display icons on your website in leu of a bunch of small images. Because Font Awesome is a font, you can scale the icons to any size without losing quality, even on retina displays. Check out the podcast we recorded on Font Awesome.